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“The American Intercon Institute (Aii) is a leading and innovative educational institution
in Cambodia and is Considered a model for other school in the country.” Stated by US Embassy


From its humble beginnings in 2005 with just 5 staff and 25 students,

American Intercon Institute is now one of the biggest English Language Schools in Cambodia,

with around 6,000 students, 1,000 staff and over 45,000 alumni living, studying, and working around the world.

We currently have three campuses in different areas of the capital.

American Intercon Institute


3 Campuses

The tallest educational building in Cambodia

1 Medical Center

Keep students and staff healthy

Over 45,000 alumni

Build their dreams, discover their passions and inspire others.

Breakthrough from Aii

Aii Health Care



Mengly J. Quach Student Health Center provides onsite health care services to Aii Language Centers and Schools students and staff. Primary health care is offered during the school day, as well as emotional support and mental health services students and staff may need.

Mengly J. Quach Student Health Center’s goal is to provide healthcare in school to:

  • Keep students and staff healthy
  • Keep students and staff in school
  • Educate & empower teens to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Support families

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