Aii Language Centers helps students build their dreams, discover their passions and inspire others.



1.1 You are part of an inspirational of more than 45,000 alumni. Keep in touch online or in person by visiting our campuses.


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Career counseling and career planning day. We would invite former students who have specific career such as lawyers, doctors, architectures etc. counsel and guide current grade 12 students to decide which career path is right for them. We are also here to assist and support them discover their talents.

Providing workshops to over 45,000 alumni. Whatever we offer to our current students, we also offer to our former students.

We provide support to former students who might need assistance from our current teaching staff. For instance, they might need support with their thesis, exams and independent study etc.


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Why pay more when you could pay less? Pizza Company, Legend cinema and more than 100 other partnerships offer different discounted rate to our Aii alumni.

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