American Intercon Dance Club


American Intercon Dance club gets the students involved in school activities and it is a place where students can show their dancing talents and have fun.

American Intercon Speech Club


American Intercon Speech Club helps students improve their ability to speak in front of others; add sparkle to their personality and increase knowledge of world events, human relations, vocabulary, etc.

American Intercon Guitar Club


American Intercon Guitar Club is a club whereby members can learn guitar lessons from the club trainers and rehearse some performances for special events. Its goal is to foster musical interests and bring up talents in a friendly atmosphere.

Intercon Drama Club


Intercon Drama Club is a club where students can learn how to perform short educational stories with their talents. The purpose of its drama shows is to raise awareness of present life in family, school and society to young generations.

Intercon Debate Club


Intercon Debate Club helps students improve their debating, communication, critical thinking, researching and leadership skills as well as teamwork.

American Intercon Journalism Club


American Intercon Journalism Club helps its members improve their writing and have fun in building their friendship at the same time. Besides writing work, members also engage in numerous charity activities.

American Intercon Band


American Intercon Band introduces students to new skills in musical performances and also gives a chance to develop themselves such as self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership skill through some school events or volunteer jobs.

Intercon Peer to Peer Counseling


Intercon Peer to Peer Counseling is defined as a dedicated learning club trying all the best to help slow learners to become fast learners throughout sharing knowledge, experience and advice.

Intercon Magic Club


Intercon Magic Club is created to help students learn the art of entertainment with magic tricks. Students can practice and perform magic or extraordinary skills with dramatic or musical work to amuse audience for entertainment.

American Intercon Book Club


American Intercon Book Club aims to raise reading awareness. Students can master the language, promote academic excellence and better their communication skills.

Intercon Speaking Club


Intercon Speaking Club is created to engage students in speaking skills. It mainly helps them be more critical thinkers, fine-tune their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and overcome speaking anxiety in public.