By: Pisey Long

Your well-being plays the vital role in your daily life in both working and family. Your healthy lifestyle leads to more productivities at work place and create the healthy environment among colleagues and family member. But how do you maintain your healthy lifestyle while you are at workplace?
Here are 3 tips I would like to share to keep you healthy at workplace.
You sit down to travel to work. At work you sit at your desks for 8 hours a day. Then you come home, and you sit down to relax until it’s time to go to bed. Then life will be short! So LET’S SIT LESS! STAND MORE!
Standing reduces back, leg, neck, and shoulder pain by 54%. Standing tall is highly recommended since it boosts your self-esteem, lowers stress and improves attitude. When you stand, more oxygen will improve brain function, improve creativity, sharpness and focus. It also reduces risk of heart attack and burns more calories, lose weight, strengthen your core, lower blood sugar and avoid diabetes.

You do not need to go to the gym. Just simple movements at workplace will benefit your overall health. For less formal meeting at workplace, consider walking or standing rather than sitting at the table. You may also need to walk around your colleagues rather than sending messages or calling them. If you are manager, you can walk around your staff and building to see if there are any issues here and there. If possible, take the stairs rather than taking elevators. All of these simple changes can benefit your health.

Tip #3: WALK HOME!
You do not need to spend on taking PassApp or going to the gyms. JUST WALK! Walk home with the music on after work. While you are walking, you will enjoy the view along the way home. When walking, your breathing rate increases, causing oxygen to travel faster through bloodstream, helping to eliminate waste products and improve your energy level and the ability to heal. A University of Tennessee study found that women who walked had less body fat than those who didn’t walk.