By: Ravi Ghimire

Distress, anxiety, stress, suffering, pain, sorrow and death are the first few words that come into anyone’s mind when we hear the word “Pandemic”. However, like yin and yang, there are always two sides that give completely different results.
Pandemic has been a strict teacher to push us hard in social and digital evolution. We have learned to appreciate the world and adapt to changes. Life is not easy and should never be taken for granted. There were numerous times when it shattered our morale but it allowed us to evolve to new heights. COVID- 19 has revolutionized the medical industry, where new technologies have been ingrained in medicine. The genetic vaccines by Professor Deborah Fuller from the University of Washington have changed the system of producing vaccines. DNA and mRNA vaccines are a huge advantage over the traditional vaccines, which use the entire virus or bacteria from the pathogen. Moreover, creating vaccines with genetic codes has dynamically changed the efficacy and mass production timeline. The COVID- 19 vaccine with 94% of efficacy and manufacturing capacity of millions of doses within a month has already proven its advancement.
Additionally, the pandemic established a new normal in education. The University of Phoenix offered the first online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 1989 that hardly ever saw development until recently. It transcended the ongoing challenges and built a better system. The current version of online classes and customizable LMS (Learning Management System) are prominent examples of a ten-year leap in this sector. Many multinational companies are investing in corporate social responsibilities to provide education to everyone’s doorstep.
There are more than two hundred fifty-nine million cases with five million deaths due to COVID- 19. What is your viewpoint?