By: Ms. SaoKagnary Nges

Having a job is a blessing, but have you perceived how having a spectacular line manager can add to your everyday sustenance? When you operate as a subordinate under someone’s care or supervision, you must adhere to the company’s work ethics, standards, policies, and everything else from A to Z in order to ensure the company’s long-term stability. Your line manager is crucial in helping you go the extra mile in your career. To put it another way, if you have a good line manager, you are more likely to have possibilities for professional growth and career advancement because your line manager is the one who knows you best, supports you, and helps you grow. Although no two managers are exactly alike, there are many excellent management styles that can be effective. Everything boils down to people and the environment. Great managers will teach you the right way to do things, more or less, and will be able to assist during challenging times.
If you are a manager, you know how bittersweet and fruitful it is to lead your team to success while waiting for the results to show if you’ve done your best to serve them. However, if you are in a management position, keep in mind that we are all human, and use your helping hand to the fullest for your employees. Take the time to get to know your people, approach them with respect, and be a good ambassador. The world is a tiny place, and who knows if the friendship you’ve built or the karma you’ve generated may come back to haunt you sooner or later?