Dear teachers,
We are writing this letter to remind you of how grateful we are for everything that you are doing. Nothing can easily be a barrel to prevent you from encouraging us to grasp education and understand the outside life. But because of the COVID-19, we know you have been through some difficulties in communicating with us, alerting us to do homework, dealing with technical problems, asking us to turn on our cameras, or even started to wear eyeglasses. Nevertheless, you overcome those difficulties like it was nothing since you are today’s superheroes. Your love for us is immeasurable. Your endless reminders that we should take our online classes seriously for our future made us more mature. We felt cared for when you asked us how our day was. You never stopped giving us good reasons to continue when we want to give up online learning. When we weren’t okay with our lessons, you took your time to help us understand. You put up with us and changed our perspective towards you by not letting us know.

Taking this as a chance, we are sending you our gratitude, love, hugs, and prayers. Thank you for spending an amount of your free time to plan for our daily lessons or grade our homework and class activities. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for giving us purpose in life. Thank you for being our compass. Thank you for your love, care, and support like a mother and a father. Thank you so much for taking an important job that changes lives. I request you to look after yourself as well as your family because your presence matters to us a lot. Always keep in mind that you are forever remembered and will never be forgotten!

Sincerely yours,

Your students

by Pichpisey Ly and Meungviranuth Soum