By Nalen Khlim

We all have experienced anxiety – the inner turmoil which stimulates sweat, dizziness and stress​​. The ​level of anxiety would be different to particular people. It can occur to someone during social interaction, an important event or a traumatic event. Now let’s close our eyes and imagine that moment when we felt like the world was spinning too fast; there was darkness and there was a rapid heartbeat. If you could go back in time, how would you deal with it to feel calmer? There are some tips and tricks for self-soothing that may reduce our anxiety within 5 minutes.


  • Readjust your posture: We can stand up or sit down straight while pulling our shoulders back and widely opening up our chest with deep breaths to calm our mood and mind. This practice will remind us that the situation is in our control and we are able to deal with it in a calm way.
  • Play the 3-3-3 game: While we are feeling intense, we can distract ourselves to lessen the intense feeling with this game. Count three sounds that we hear. Count three things that we see. Then move three parts of our bodies that we feel​ (ex: neck, wrist, fingers … etc.)
  • Use essential oil: According to Health line, aromatherapy can be used to calm down our anxiety. It can be any fragrance that we find relaxing and soothing like rose, chamomile, lavender …
  • Go for a brisk walk: In case the tension is still lingering around, we may allow ourselves to take a brisk walk alone to appreciate the good view around you​ and make ourselves adjusted with the surroundings.
  • Use the Exposure Therapy: This is a technique that has been practiced by most psychologists based on Psychology Tools. Simply put, the “face your fear” maxim which makes the person expose themselves to their triggers and take full control of them.
  • Ask for help: At the end of the day, if it you are getting more and more anxious, it is a time that we have to be honest with ourselves that it is getting out of hand and we need help. We can approach our closest one who genuinely cares about us. Also, paying a visit to a trustworthy expert is always a good move.

We should never feel embarrassed with our weakness, but we must also do something about it.