By: Mrs. Kimnget Koy

Driving automobiles of any kind requires a sense of responsibility. Motorists should apply maximum concentration while driving. A good motorist must be able to put other road users into consideration while on the road. You have to be sensitive and mentally alert on the road. The carelessness of motorists have sent many people into early graves. Some people have permanent disabilities as a result of this.

I have noticed some common mistakes on the road which can lead to accidents in Cambodia.

Parking by the sidewalk: This issue is very common in Cambodia. Some park their own cars carelessly on the side of the street just because they need to buy some food, which often causes bad traffic jams. It is better to park properly or buy food where there is a better place to park since a car is not as small as a motorbike.

Distracted Driving: While I was driving my motorbike to work, I saw one car was driving slowly on a highway. I was wondering why and soon as I checked I saw him on the phone. If he needs to talk on the phone it is best to pull over somewhere or use earphones.

Wrong-Way driving: People seem to be very carefree in driving the wrong way without hesitating. Wrong-way driving is a major cause of accidents in Cambodia.

Drunk driving: More and more teenagers are under the influence of alcohol in Cambodia these days. There should be stricter ways to control them. As I drive my own motorbike at night, I always fear those who drive under the influence of alcohol because they can be reckless.

Speeding: Teens often want to be cool by speeding up their cars or motorbikes that can shock other drivers on the road or cause accidents.

Still, I am grateful for those drivers who are cautious, considerate, respectful, and alert in driving. I’m sending this message in the hopes of being a part of a campaign to reduce the number of people who lost their lives because of car accidents in Cambodia.

It takes training and learning to be a good motorist. A good motorist should know the laws and is able to interpret the road signs and obey all traffic rules and regulations. Also, the government should be able to strengthen traffic laws and prioritize enforcement accordingly. These can reduce the fatalities recorded annually on road accidents. We need to make our road safer to be used for both the motorist and pedestrians.