By Angel Garganta

December 10, 2021, marks the celebration of Human Rights Day with the theme Equality-Reducing Inequalities, Advancing Human Rights.
The celebration revolves around leaving no one behind from equality and non-discrimination for as sustainable development of the nation. The United Nations of Human Rights addresses poverty and structural discrimination as one of the most significant global challenges in this epoch.
Poverty and discrimination have far been the most known factor that nullifies the right of people to access food, safe water, house, and now quality education. Combating these factors involves empowering people to change, developing new skills, participating, and getting involved. At the same time, there are government interventions in implementing programs and policies to end poverty and discrimination. After all, we are all human beings; therefore, we are all equal.
Human Rights Day Theme: EQUALITY- Reducing Inequalities, advancing human rights. United Nations Human Rights.