by Karen Edegan Pagulayan

As you are reading this letter, some of you here might have started your dreams. That is why I’d like to leave two things for you today. First, achieving success is not all about following what the world wants, but achieving it by doing what is right. Do not just want to be successful in the world, but strive to be the highest expression of yourselves as human beings. Be your own brand of goodness. If we look around, people who have a good brand are not forgotten. Martin Luther once said that not everybody can be successful, but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by how we treat other people. Money success fades in time, but valuing life and being a good person is a long-term success. Use your knowledge and ability in pursuit of success, but always remember to top everything off with righteousness. Along the road, you may get tired, but always remember that you will never go wrong when you are right.
Second, learn to have faith in yourself and do not allow others to drive your life. Always believe in yourselves and even if you’ve failed. You can’t expect things to turn out the way you want, but it will be all worth trying too. I’m pretty certain that believing in yourselves will be one of the best solutions that will guide you. In the future, you will encounter people that you’d wish to have never met. Don’t let these people influence you with their negative thoughts toward you. Do not compare or denigrate yourself in comparison to them, because you are wonderfully made.