by Sochna Noeu

Due to the current situation of the pandemic, the education sector has changed rapidly to online platforms and homeschooling for small kids. One thing I feel most beneficial for kids in the lower level is homeschooling. There are many benefits of homeschooling for parents.

1. Continuing education
Let your kid practice their four macro skills through the audio, coursebook, and even educational videos on YouTube. You can pursue your kid’s learning through practicing at home which is important in learning a foreign language.

2. Sharing your hobbies and interests
You can share your own passions with your kids more than if they were attending school full-time. You can share your knowledge of home construction or how to invest, play music together, work together on political or social causes.

3. Saving money
Some aspects of homeschooling can be less expensive than school: school clothes expenses, off-season vacation, and travel rates. Some parents save a lot of money on homeschooling; others use homeschooling to manage their budget.

4. Freedom from a school schedule
Homeschooling means you’re not tied to the timing of the school bus or school schedule. You can plan your homeschooling schedule so that it works with your family.

5. Personal growth
Because it’s an immersive experience with your children and it’s taking total responsibility for their education, parents can grow in philosophical, spiritual, or social-emotional ways.

Although you can find many crucial ways to help your kids at home, still kids need socialization and a friendly environment among their friends, classmates, and schoolmates. While homeschooling is not for every family, people from all walks of life in many different circumstances have found ways to incorporate the benefits of homeschooling into their lives. Since they cannot go to school nowadays, homeschooling will be the best choice for all kids at the moment. Stay safe kids, and enjoy your studies!