By Thy So

Being an intern is so important that you should do it at least two or three times while you are in college. There are many companies, institutions, organizations or NGOs are in Cambodia which have internship program. Even if you are not paid, the knowledge you gain from being an intern is far greater than what you learned in school.
So what are the benefits of internship?
1. Gain experience
Being an intern is a rewarding experience. Some knowledge can be learned outside the classroom. Practicing what you have learned in school makes you more proficient. So, all those experiences will help you more easily to develop yourself further.
2. Work Experience
Obviously, when you complete a four-year bachelor’s degree and apply for a job at a company or institution, you will be asked if you have any experience and if you have ever worked as an intern at an institution or company. Some. At this point, many people are rejected by the company because they do not have this experience. On the other hand, if you have any internship experience in any institution, they will give priority to hiring you as an employee.
3. Better opportunities
Every institution or company wants an employee who have knowledge, skills, and work experience. So you will gain the trust of the company you work for and even have the opportunity to get a higher salary.
4. Build good social relationships:
Being an intern builds connection and involvement with other sector of the society. You will earn respect and love from those experiences during internship. It will make you more connected in the society in which you live.