By : Mr. Sophairith Sath
The school bus service is well received by the parents or guardians because there is not enough time for them to send their children to and from the school due to their busy schedule. Seeing the needs of parents or guardians, the school bus service in each campus strives to strengthen and expand their services day by day to ensure the quality of service, safety and trust of the parents.
When parents avail of the school bus service, they get many benefits. What are the benefits of using the school bus service?
1. Provide safety and comfort
– The driving staff has the right management, training and professional skills.
– Student transport vehicles have clear identification and communication symbols.
Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures safety and hygienic bus service for students.
– Student transport vehicles are equipped with GPS and insurance services.
– Clear control of students riding the school bus both at the time of entry and exit, which prevents students from escaping the school.
– Parents or guardians feel calm and do not worry about their children’s safety.
2. Save money and affordability
The cost of using a school bus is always less than the cost of gasoline for personal use. Therefore, the school bus service is economical for parents or guardians.
3. Parents or guardians can manage their time well
Parents or guardians of students have enough time to manage their daily business activities without worrying about sending their children to school back and forth.
4. Reduce traffic congestion
School buses can accommodate 15 to 25 students at a time. This means that we have also reduced the number of private vehicles traveling on public roads for about 15 to 25.
5. Reduce pollution
Reducing the number of private cars on public roads certainly reduces emissions and toxic gases into the atmosphere, affecting human and animal health.
6. Observance of student discipline
Transportation of students is regular according to the schedule and time set everyday and therefore encourages them to be disciplined and manage their time well.
7. Improve student performance
Students know how to organize their time well, get up early, do homework, and prepare themselves for the day. All these activities cultivate students with good habits and practices in life.
8. Build new friendships
Aside from their classmates, students build relationships and make more friends as they travel together. This friendship is the best way for them to enjoy the journey to school without getting bored.
9. Make students responsible
Being part of the bus service allows the students to be responsible because they have to take care of their own belongings when their parents are not with them.
Overall, using the school bus service is very beneficial for students, parents or guardians. They also need to think about the quality and trust by choosing a delivery service that is reliable, well-experienced, professional and has clear rules and regulations. For our parents or guardians who have not yet used the school bus service, you may consider having it when schools reopen and students go back to school.