21st-century learning means you will have to adapt yourself and be interested in new and innovative ways of learning. Explore, research, and understand how the digital platforms operate. This could help you ease into using them without feeling intimidated.

Throughout the pandemic, in order to collaborate, communicate, and organize the tasks, teachers and students have had no choice but to incorporate technology into their lessons. Hence, we have seen a significant rise in Cambodian students using digital platforms not just for entertainment purposes. Applications, namely, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and Zoom Meetings, have been the talk of the town for online learning and remote learning.

Progressively, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z in Cambodia have begun to grasp the idea of how technology could be beneficial, not just for the sake of entertainment and social media usage. As more people feel comfortable using technology and various digital learning platforms. I hope we will be vigilant about our personal information on the internet and be aware of how vulnerable cyber security could be should we let our guard down.


By: Sreyleak Meas