Many Cambodian students dream of studying in another country. Cambodian students dream of pursuing high-school or higher education abroad for quality education, language acquisition and the opportunity to learn new skills. Studying abroad not only sharpens your academic performance but also helps you to appreciate other cultures, overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. These are all key traits that modern businesses look for when hiring and will only become more important in the future. Let’s find out how studying abroad prepares you for professional success.


Get comfortable not being comfortable: Being in a new place away from your family and friends can be overwhelming and you will be faced with new situations. Studying abroad tests your ability to adapt to new environments and forces you to depend on yourself to solve challenges from time to time. The confidence and independence you gain from studying abroad will transfer to your professional job as you take the initiatives to independently accomplish tasks.


Get a broader understanding of the world: When you arrive in a new country, you will be exposed to new foods, customs, traditions, and social. You will meet and make friends with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. To understand how people from other cultures think and feel, you must learn to collaborate and think critically. Cross-cultural communication, critical thinking, and collaboration are top skills sought by employers.


Build international connections: While studying abroad, you will make connections with people from different countries and life experiences, and many of these connections will last for a lifetime. A strong global network can be beneficial to your future career.


Master your foreign language skills: When living in another country, there is no way of avoiding the language you’re trying to learn. From watching local tv shows to ordering food at restaurants, you will expand your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of the language in every interaction.


Studying abroad for a year or even a semester will help improve your language skills, immerse yourself in a new culture, and expand your understanding of the world. Once you complete your study abroad program, you will come back with a new outlook and a desire to learn as now you can see the world in a bigger picture.


Are you ready?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of studying abroad can offer you, it’s time to dream big and start your journey. To learn more about study abroad options and how you can start planning, get in touch with ICES Cambodia 077 811 777/098 686 601 or visit our website We will help you make informed decisions and find success. 

-By Eun Lee