We are in a constant battle for communication. We desire to listen and be heard. Have you misjudged someone because you listened, read, or heard the other side talking about that person? In Logical Fallacy, it is the so-called “poisoning the well.”

“Poisoning the well” is committing a preemptive attack against an opponent. This could be a form of manipulation where the audience is primed with adverse information about the opponent from the start to make their claims more acceptable or discord the credibility of the opponent’s claim. Simply put, this is to tell people your interpretations and judgments of a person without hearing the other side’s arguments.

You could be a listener or a victim of this logical fallacy. But beware, most people’s ideas are based on feelings and not facts, sensibilities rather than science, and rage rather than reality. Before you believe, conduct some investigations and tests to reach a rational and reasonable conclusion.


By: Angel Garganta