By: Ms. Li Eng Lo

Many people find it difficult to choose the right book for them; most people choose the wrong book or lose interest in the middle of reading or end up reading them altogether. Here are some tips on how to choose the right book to read.

  1. Find the type of book that interest you

Finding the type of book you like will make it easier for you to choose the right book to read. This includes an understanding of many types of books, such as horror, romance, science, biology, business, novels, adventure, etc. Different people have different tastes in what they want to read and watch, and finding the right category will make choosing your book easier.

  1. Know your personal interests

Many people mistakenly think that book interests are the same as book selection, but in reality they are quite different. Once you know what kind of book you like to read and want to read, you can proceed to choose the most interesting book features for yourself, including the number of chapters, characters, place, style of writing, etc. This is because all these settings are the content of the book and you need to understand to know the interests of the reader.

  1. Make a list of books

This is the last point and any reader should consider before reading a book. Once you know your interests, it is time to narrow down the list of books to choose from. Some people are reluctant to read books online because of the lack of digital systems or some find it strenuous to the eyes. With thousands of online libraries available, some books may be readily downloaded and can be read offline. There is also the old school way, where you just borrow a book from your school libraries.The choice is up to you. Reading can be fun! You just have to find the right book to read.