By Jayrald Salvacion

We start December with great expectations, but all too often our journey for the perfect Christmas leaves us strained, baffled and stressed. The Christmas season becomes swamped with anything but delight as we hurry to find the perfect gift and welcome our family and friends to our homes.
The best way to avoid becoming a killjoy this Christmas is to remember the point of the celebration. Christmas isn’t a task nor a weight to carry; it is a celebration of good news. The birth of Jesus Christ is good news. Good news is meant to be celebrated.
So don’t let the stress of completing a list and checking it thrice distract you from what the day is all about. Christmas is still Christmas if we never open a gift, give a gift, or decorate. In both cases, we, not the party, make the day perfect.
The music, the cold breeze and the unblemished decorations at every corner of Phnom Penh indicate the onset of Christmas Eve. We are going to celebrate Christmas in a few weeks.
Merry Christmas Everyone!