Although in many ESL classroom settings cursive writing may seem outdated and unnecessary to be taught, this practice or activity could push reading and writing skills to another level that we should not take for granted.
Some benefits of cursive are:
1. Enhancing students’ spelling ability
How is it possible that cursive can lead to better spelling? Children have to slow down and focus when learning cursive; at the same time of precision, they learn the spelling unknowingly.
2. Ability to read cursive
Normally children tend to read cursive slowly to avoid mistakes since it is not the thing they are familiar with. But if they learn to write cursive, reading it will come automatically with ease.
3. Writing speed
In cursive writing style, letters in each word are usually connected; this increases fluidity and continuity in writing. Without many stops and starts, writing in this style is normally fast when we practice more often.


By Kimhak Pom