vby Kimnget Koy

Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills that today’s children will need for the future. In today’s rapidly changing world, children need to be able to sharpen their critical thinking skills by making sense of information, analyzing, comparing, contrasting and communicating.
The experiences that may help build critical thinking skills through day-to-day interactions as you talk to your child and ask open-ended questions that allow your child to find creative ways to solve the problems.
Let your child think of the possible solutions to any problem would be the best way to build critical thinking skills. For example, if you take your child on a vacation and you see that the place is scattered with trash you can make this problem as a topic for your child to think about it and find the solutions.
Aside from giving enjoyment, many games can also enhance or train the brain because as you play the games over and over; your mind must learn the skills needed to win the game. Chess and Clue, for example, are great games for training logic and problem-solving. Boggle and Scrabble improve language and memory. Some board games improve critical thinking skills too.
Create a good reading habit. Find your available time to always read with your child, maybe night time or quiet time and ask questions about what has read. This is not just to create a family valuable time but also would expand your child’s general knowledge little by little.
Don’t forget to always praise your child for the great work. Praising can be a great lesson for your child to learn how to talk and think positively. You are teaching them to recognize when they do well and be proud of themselves.