By Soksreyla Owens

With the advances in technology, the way people learn, interact and work also keeps on changing. Learning is more than just following the traditional ways of being inside a classroom and listening to lectures. The future success of students nowadays depends on how knowledgeable and skilled they are when it comes to the digital world. That’s why Digital Literacy is really important.
Students can now take their knowledge with them everywhere they go; using digital literacy skills for effective learning outside the classroom. At home they have phones, tablets, computers and other smart devices which can help them do independent learning, research and writing wherever and whenever they want.
Students can easily interact with their classmates to work on assignments, review each other’s works and make suggestions with the use of technology and digital skills. This helps motivate students to perform better and build collaboration skills as well as communication skills throughout their lives. Not only with peers, but the teachers can also access students’ progress and help evaluate their performance and ability using digital platforms.
Digital Literacy is important not only in school but also in the future when students enter the professional world. Many workplaces required their employees to use information, create new ideas and products collaboratively using digital tools such as internet platforms, social media and mobile devices to communicate and interact with each other.