By Angel Garganta

Let’s have a quick recall about my studies. A flashback on a long and gruesome trigonometry solution ended up getting a wrong answer because of an error of only one significant figure. Getting zero for such a small mistake despite double and triple checking it a gazillion time is frustrating. But, life must go on. It’s just a bend but not yet an end.
I learned I was horrible at balance the hard way. It was our Physics examination, and we had a quick break when I needed a boost of caffeine. I was on the way back to my seat when suddenly I lost my footing. The next thing I knew, my test papers drank my coffee.
I remember when my classmate borrowed all my notes in Stoichiometry. She said she would only use it for a couple of days. Days turned into weeks, and those weeks turned into a month. She finally decided to return my notes! Minutes before our unit test.
What’s more, I thought curiosity was key to discovery. During our Analytical Chemistry, curiosity got a hold of me. We were in the middle of an experiment when I suddenly decided to grab one of the flasks. Not realizing the flask was burning hot, I dropped the flask. As I got back to my senses, I looked into my professor’s dark, cold gaze and braced myself for the perfect storm.
Let’s add some spice. It was during our Junior and Senior prom. Everybody was looking gorgeous. My friends got their makeup done, and their hair permed. The main event was the exchange of candles and roses. I was so excited because my partner was my college crush. During the dance, we were holding out our candles. I was getting carried away by my feelings when suddenly, I smelled something burning. I immediately asked the person next to me if she smells something weird. When I turned to my other side, I realized that I was holding out the candle too far that it was burning somebody’s hair. I immediately apologized and took care of the situation as fast as possible. It was indeed a night to remember for me and for the girl who got her hair extra crispy.
Funny as it may seem, but these clumsy experiences made me realize that life is a constant chaos and harmony. Often, we battle remembering concepts; we learn during the arduous years of our study, but on occasions when you fall and tumble, you can’t help but reminisce and laugh. This is what and how we make it to the end. There’s always a rainbow after the rain. So, let us continue to learn, enjoy, and laugh from the troubles that life brings us.
How about you? Do you have any unfortunate experiences?