By: Royd Guyon

There are lots of family values that we can use and practice but here are some of the common values that you can review and apply to your own family.

1. Love
This is the reason why a family is created. It is the most important value to build relationships. Love should be the reason that we stay with our children, parents, and relatives.
2. Responsibility
The impact of responsibility is important because it develops a person to be dependable, and keeping promises. It also teaches a person to accept the consequences of their actions.
3. Respect
Accepting someone for who they are even if they are different or they have beliefs that you don’t agree with, is a way of showing respect. Respect builds trust, safety, and happiness.
4. Humility
This is important for growth and helps facilitate learning. It is important for leadership and personal development.
5. Spirituality
This is having a connection to God or the spirit world. Praying and meditating are some ways to practice spirituality. This provides a purpose, peace, hope, and meaning to a person’s life.

The purpose of family values is to make the family strong and provide an environment for future generations to grow and develop. Benjamin Todd Jealous said, “Let us nurture the practice of family values, by embracing policies that value families.”