With the growing concern on water pollution, many attempts have been made to clean-up of oceans. Sustainable plans to remove and avoid plastic waste ending up in our waters have been the made environmentalists push more boundaries.

Researchers at Sichuan University in China came up with a clever idea- Fish-bot! It’s a robot fish made out of light-activated material that can absorb microplastics as it swims in water. Experts believe that with this new innovation, water pollutants may be transported to another location where they can be gathered and disposed of properly. This may also be a game-changer in monitoring microplastics in colder regions with frigid waters like the Arctic.

The fish-bot mimics a real fish as it is made of light materials that can withstand the harsher marine environments. As it moves, microplastic materials sticks to its body making them ideal for cleaning up the water. According to experts, this one of a kind cleaning machine can repair itself when cut, making it very practical and sustainable.

Imagine schools of fish robots taking out marine trash! What a cool way to fish them out!

By: Joanna Cabredo