By Sereycheat Phoung

Covid-19 impacts our overall wellness, which is not only on physical wellness but also physical, emotional, and mental wellness. While the pandemic is still ongoing, it is more challenging for everyone to maintain holistic wellnesses if they do not practice good habits. However, good habits are not always easy to keep. Therefore, it is essential to find a way to practice a good lifestyle in order to normalize the situation. Good lifestyle and good habits are based on people’s choices, they can typically start with small things; for example, exercising, eating healthy, and practicing self-care. Here are some practices that you can simply include in your daily routine:
1. Mindful eating
Mindful-eating practices help people to decrease chronic pain, disease, and sleeping issues because we are aware of our intake. However, mindful eating has little to do with weight loss or about rating less. It is more likely to nourish yourself well with nutritious food.
2. Sleep more
Good quality sleep is really important. We cannot overwork ourselves and sleep only 3-4 hours per day because our bodies need to be balanced. It is essential to set your sleep schedule for the time you go to bed and the time you wake up. Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a day and you will see positive changes.
3. Stay hydrated
It is estimated that healthy people drink at least 2.7 litres-4litres of water per day to keep their bodies hydrated. Keeping your body hydrated helps maximize your physical performance as well as increase energy levels and brain function. Besides water, you can also eat fruits and vegetables, for example watermelon and spinach that also keep your body hydrated.
4. Exercises, Exercise, Exercise
Start your day with small exercises. It does not have to be advanced workouts or a 10-km run but as simple as daily body stretching. Make sure that you exercise to make you feel good and fresh, not exercise to just look good.
5. Mediation
Pause. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath! It is as easy as taking a deep breath anytime and anywhere to feel less stressed and more focused. There is no such thing as good or bad meditation, as long as it helps you feel better than just take some time and do it consistently.