By Mr. Phen Phorn

Termites are known for being secret destroyers. The damage they cause cannot be seen by the naked eye. Unless prevented early, they will eat any part of the wood in your homes until it breaks down. It can enter and leave your home without you knowing it.
The termite is an animal that likes to live underground and in the dark; it is afraid of light. It likes to live in clay or loamy soil because it is easy to build their house. At first it will grow full wings on their backs to fly to different places and find a place to build their house.
The female termite lays eggs and hatch into several small termites. They evolve into three kinds of termites.
1. Termite workers are responsible for directing the food from the outside. It cut, destroy, eat and bring into their homes. They also act as a house builder; building roads for them to live and travel. By transporting small plots of land with their saliva, they form houses and walkways.
2. Termite soldiers protect the house from the distractions of external enemies. They act as commanders over termites that work lazily. Disobeying its command, it will kill the termite worker with its claws.
3. Kings or Queens (females and males) are adult termites that fly at their own discretion.
How to get rid of termites?
1. A five-year term protection against termites requires advanced spraying techniques. Termite repellent is effective for up to 5 years or more. Spraying methods include drilling in rows on both sides of the wall to create a termite barrier and spraying directly on the pre-construction site.
2. Termite repellent must be sprayed before construction. The termite spray should be sprayed into the ground of the construction site or house. To spray, they have to drill holes in the tiles of a house or building already built. So, if you’re planning to build a new house, the homeowner or building owner has to prepare the pipe system under the tile which can be used to spray the termite repellent. The specialized tubing is prepared in advance and can be used after 5 years; whenever the repellent needs to be sprayed again.
3. Baiting the termites can be used to get rid of them. The bait must be attached to a location where termites are eating and crossing. When the termites meet the bait, they will go and bring the bait down to the big nest underground to be eaten by the termite king and the termite nest that lurks there. It takes fifteen to thirty days for the bait to react. This allows time for the bait to be distributed and eaten by as many termites as possible. Termite bait is effective for up to 2 years.