By Mr. Kimhak Pom
Confidence is key to the growth and development of children. Here are ways to boost their self-esteem.
1. Compete with him/herself, not others
Try not to compare your child with other kids. Rather, s/he should try to be the better version of herself/himself each day.
2. Be the role model
If you want your child to be confident, be the confident parent first, so s/he will look up to you.
3. Mistakes are okay
Try not to blame your child for making mistakes. Show the right ways to do things and let her/him know that it is okay to make mistakes.
4. Tell your child s/he can do it
When your child hesitates to do something, show that you believe in her/him. Do it with a smile on your face.
5. Allow your child to share ideas and make some decisions
Let your child know s/he is important and her/his ideas are taken into consideration. There are times you need to let your child decide for herself/himself.
6. Allay your child’s fear
If your child is afraid of water, don’t throw your child in it and force her/him to swim. Instead, you need to bring her/him to the water gradually. So s/he can overcome his/her fear.