By: Rathana Cham

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”―Steve Maraboli.
It’s important for your personal evolution that you learn to love yourself. If you do not love yourself, it is hard to expect others to love you. Loving yourself should become your highest priority if you wish to create a remarkable future. To love yourself means to embrace your uniqueness and the gifts that show up in your daily life. Here are five ways you can begin cultivating your truth and embracing who you are.
Know Yourself
If your desire is for personal growth, it is vital that you come to understand yourself, and know what makes you bloom. You may be aware of a number of flaws, yet embracing them and moving forward becomes your source of courage.
Nobody is perfect — you may spend your entire life trying to fill an empty shoe that does not exist if you follow this line of thinking. Whilst you may not consider yourself as important as other people, in your life story you are the hero in your own life’s journey.
Forgive Yourself
We all make mistakes at some point in our life — learn to forgive yourself by practicing detachment of the outcomes. Trust that whatever happened in the past was done so with the level of awareness that was apparent to you at the time.
In other words, you were doing the best you could given the resources available to you at the time — thus forgiveness opens the door to moving forward. Appreciate the lessons gained from your experience by seeing it as an opportunity to gain the emotional resiliency to fight other battles in life, of which many will surely be presented to you.
Acknowledge Your Success
You might not have succeeded according to your terms and definition, yet the definition of success is arbitrary. What does success look like to you? There are many people who never make any effort to step out of their comfort zone and yet insist that success paves a path to their front door.
If you made a direct effort toward pursuing something you desired, but were unable to succeed due to any number of reasons, do not let that impair your definition of success.
Failure is part of the process toward reaching your goals. In fact those who succeed in life will have you know that they failed miserably on many occasions prior to reaching success. Your success is determined by how you bounce back from your failures and lessons acquired along the way. Making an effort is a big thing. It is not always about winning, sometimes it’s the effort that counts.
4. Let go of what others think of you
You will never be able to please everyone. In fact, you should never aim to please anyone. We often bend to fit the molds and roles others have set for us. Sometimes we act differently depending on who we are with. This betrayal of the self moves us away from our true identity and towards a faulty persona; leaving us questioning who we really are at the core. Let go of other people’s expectations and begin focusing on what you want, how you wish to be perceived, and what is going to make you happy.
5. Do things that scare you
The search for our authentic identity is a long and changing journey. As human beings, we are programmed to evolve. Who you are today is not who you were yesterday, or who you will be tomorrow. Change is scary. Embrace it. Every time we look fear in the face and challenge ourselves, we are expanding and learning valuable life lessons. The things that scare us the most are typically the things that we need to do the most; and the things that will provide us with the most amount of growth. Be open to change and do something that scares you every day.