By Mrs. Kimnget Koy

As the saying goes, “ A child’s mind is like a blank sheet of paper”. That means later behavior is shaped by experience and practice.Therefore, teaching kids to recycle is one of the important activities and a good concept to promote as parents and educators.

Here are the activities that we can do to promote kids to recycle:

Introduce recycling by watching cartoons or programs online that have something to do with recycling. There are many sites or programs that your kids can watch such as or Kids will pay attention to what their favorite characters are doing!

Turn used items into craft projects. Items like cardboard boxes, tin cans, milk jugs, and egg cartons can be transformed into new objects with just a few supplies. Instead of buying new toys or materials to make crafts, reuse what you already have at home.

Visit a landfill to give your child a visual of what waste looks like. Kids will see where the trash that they throw will go.

Take a look around your own home and talk about what can be recycled. Kitchen is a place where there is a lot of raw material to recycle. Your child can make a recycling project plan.

Reward your kids whenever they recycle. Kids will be encouraged more to do good things if they get the rewards.

Kids need to learn about recycling. Our next generation should learn to build stuff out of garbage. Encouraging children to recycle is a way to teach them about sustainability. Learning the importance of being sustainable shows them that the environment is important.