If you are a student learning from home doing your online class, I love you 3,000.
If you are a teacher working from home curating lessons for your live classes, I love you 3,000.
If you are feeling stressed or anxious because of all the things happening around you, remember there is someone out there thinking of you and would love to say this, “I love you 3,000.”
So hang on, continue breathing and living. Turn things around and make your struggles into opportunities. Read a book. Gain more wisdom. There are online courses out there to learn new skills. Be innovative and explore new fields of learning you haven’t tried before. As students and teachers continue to learn online, you will continue to thrive and soon, altogether, we will all conquer.
Remember, I love you 3,000.
*I love you 3,000 is an iconic line from Marvel’s Infinity War which made many fans deeply touched and love the character of Tony Stark even more. The original script that was supposed to be “I love you tons’’ was changed by Robert Downey Jr. himself and made it as such.

-By Michael Jake Arcilla