By Michael Jake Arcilla

The scorching heat from the sun makes us all wonder about summertime. Going to the beach, dipping into the cold swimming pool, and having a nice tan. But what does these mean during a lockdown because of the pandemic that makes the whole world crumble in fear and anxiety?

I don’t have all the answers to that question but only this, “if life gives you lemons make some lemonades!” Don’t look too hard on the negative but look closer on what opportunities this lockdown might do you.

This experience may present a lot more struggles but it can also be a good time to discover new skills or rediscover old ones that seem almost forgotten. Take this chance to have more quiet time for yourself and to better reassess your decisions and plans in life. Pick up an old book that was kept for a long time; open it and read. Allow yourself to reconnect with old friends and family members through social media and video conferencing. Or at some point, just stay still and relax for a bit.

We live in such a modern world, so still consider yourself lucky because there are various ways to keep yourself busy and maybe at some point, you will have some time to make some lemonades. Cheers!