By: Muoyhong Ung

Have you ever migrated to another country? Some people feel glad when they can go to another country to start a new life. Moving to another country does not mean that you forget your own nation; however, people need to create opportunities for themselves so that they will live happily and peacefully. Living abroad not only provides good chances, but it also helps the country’s economy to get more workers, make new products, and attract more investment.
For example, Canada’s labor force continues to grow every year. If it weren’t for immigrants, employers would have trouble finding enough qualified workers to fill available jobs. This is because Canadians are living longer and having fewer children. More people are retiring, and there are fewer students in schools.
Immigrants tend to have more new ideas to make products for the marketing needs. Some immigrants can also run their business by creating what they already have. For example, they can sell their products in other countries so that there will be more customers and later on other people will learn from them and start their own business as well.
Finally, the country will attract more investment. When the country is growing fast, there will be more foreigners coming to invest. Since there are so many workers from immigration, the amount will be enough for improving the economy. Immigrants help support a country and make more good products for the outside world.
Although with these good impacts, there are still some people who say that those who immigrate will add more trouble to the country and the population will be increasing rapidly. However, If you think more deeply, you will see how immigrants help the country’s economy and make it become better.
In conclusion, migrant workers are given better job opportunities more jobs for them. Attracting people with local products can makes foreigners want to invest. It’s good that people migrate to other countries because they will join hand in hand together to make a country and citizens live in a good condition.