By Sophors Hong

Good communication between employees and managers is a factor that determines their commitment to the success of the company. According to Gallup research, 70% of employee commitment depends on their manager. It is not surprising that employees do not leave the company, but they leave the manager. Employee departures cause the company to lose revenue, the impact caused by negligent employees and public negativity due to poor customer service. The company knows that motivating and connecting with employees is important, but most cannot get managers to do this.

There are 7 ways that managers can take to strengthen employee discipline:
1. Communicate with employees. As a leader, do not just sit in front of a computer at work and talk to employees, but when communicating, you should know and be aware of some of your employees’ interests.
2. Show your concern for employees. If an employee has a problem, whether personal or work issues, show your empathy and concern for them. Protect your team Do not leave him when he is in trouble.
3. Communicate honestly and openly, provide information or changes to your employees without letting them know through unrelated people. Listen to your employees’ suggestions and give your feedback.
4. Be fair and honest. Take care of all employees equally, do not just choose who you like to be everyone knows you for being right.
5. Give priority to your employees. Give them the right to make the right decisions at work.
6. Give them an incentive or recognition for their work. Show how much you value them and praise them for their good results, not only for the good staff, but also for the employees who are developing better.
7. Provide guidance on training new skills and opportunities. Member staff can explain and guide employees who are not willing to have the desire to train to develop their profession. Recognize and encourage strengths, recognize the different skills they have and guide in training, as well as new opportunities.

If you think employees are your most valuable asset, you will create a good work environment, and give them guidance and support to work effectively.

It is important that managers focus on building relationships and encouraging a good working environment. Find out if your staff can meet them when they can. Many companies treat their employees as commodities and use them until they can no longer move and fire them. This is the reason why morale is low and productivity is low.

Loyal employees are the most valuable assets of a manager. Do not bring them for the sake of gain or neglect them later. They use their innermost abilities to communicate and attract customers. They are your best publisher. Honesty is two different choices. You cannot buy honesty, but you can really make and train it. Employees who are pushed to the point of not paying attention will not be able to make further efforts. They will not come up with ideas to solve problems anymore. They will give up their attention to the customer as you do not care about them. Employees are the heart of the company, but what if this heart stops beating?