by Mutiah Fauzan

Growing up, I remember my mum told my sister and me why it is essential to have a reasonable manner; she even goes to extend by putting us in classes where they taught us how to sit, dress, get out of the car, go down the stairs, how to smile, and how to eat. I am a bit boyish; I hate these classes with pure passion. But looking back, I cannot thank my mum enough for putting me in these classes.
Before we go further on this topic, we should know why it is essential to have a manner in life; the answer is simple, a suitable method means you show others that you respect them, and it also shows your poise and good image.
The first impression is crucial, whether to close business deals to something simple as trying to make friends in a new school. You won’t believe how something basic like saying thank you, closing your mouth when you eat or letting people out from the elevator before you try to get in will get you to places. What is the connection to this? Let me elaborate with you by showing others you have good manners will replicate the excellent feeling you inflict on others. Everyone loves a good vibe, so in theory (no pun intended, there is a theory about it), people want or are more comfortable around you. When they start to favor you, it will be easier for you to get what you want in life.
So before you are cutting the line, or pushing yourself inside the elevator before everyone gets out of the elevator, ask yourself these questions: which one is more important for your personal growth, likes on your social media, or like in your real life?