By Joanna S. Cabredo

I recently reconnected with an old friend with whom I have not talked to in a while. In a couple of hours spent catching up with our lives, I realized how badly I needed the ‘chat’. A nice real talk with a friend surely has its perks.

Keeping a sane mind is all the rage these days. With the pandemic taking a toll on everyone, a friend has become one of the ‘soothing balm’ I keep close by my side.

Every 10th of October the world celebrates the Mental Health Day. With its global health awareness campaign, the World Health Federation for Mental Health continuously advocates

for growth in understanding mental health. Our understanding of mental health can greatly impact our ability in keeping a strong mental state.

Experts claim that globally, one in four people will need mental health care in their lives. Clearly, mental wellness is key to a peaceful and happy life.

In many little ways, we can keep each other strong and healthy. One study found that keeping tabs with one another whether personal or digital not only alleviates anxiety, stress, and sadness but also fosters empathy and strengthens social bonds. You can never go wrong checking in on a friend or a colleague who might be in need an ear or shoulder to lean on.

In this grimly near post pandemic time, a friendly face can be a great comfort.

When was the last time you called up a friend?



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