By: Ms. Sao Kagnary Nges
Do you know that motivation is a critical point of view and people need to care most about it? Motivation is an abstract reason to some extent that we should have in our daily lives and not once in a while. We have heard enough motivation quotes so far; nevertheless, I like best about the famous quote of Zig Ziglar, and it goes this way “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” It makes sense for practical life to which you can make the comparison toward something we closely consider as a routine. It is probably one of the reasons I remember this one most. Therefore, another question lingers, “What are we supposed to do when the motivation runs slow?” A great response to this is “When motivation runs slow, discipline takes place.” In this regard, students can get this concept to apply to their school tasks or in working with their assignments and other life’s choices. Discipline makes students achieve in anything they aim for. Slowly but surely, all the set goals are waiting for those who have motivation and discipline to carry out with our goals and aspirations. There aren’t easy things in the universe that come around without putting in all the effort to go through it. What do you think?