By: Royd Guyon

Good day, everyone. Have you ever considered what life would be like without music? What will your emotions be like? It would be difficult for me because I’ve been utilizing it to relieve stress, connect with my spirit, and communicate my thoughts and emotions for a long time. We can’t deny that music has many advantages. As a result, I believe it is a part of a person’s life. Let me tell you how music has influenced my life. I had trouble coping with the stress of schoolwork, projects, presentations, and research when I was 13 years old. I couldn’t find the perfect words to convey myself or even find a means to stop overthinking. With the help of my cousin, I was encouraged to learn to play the guitar. It allowed me to gain confidence and observe how music influenced my life. I’ve been active in music for a long time. When my wife was pregnant, I even remember strumming the guitar and singing songs so that our unborn baby could hear them. Now that I’m a father and working as a teacher, I appreciate how music can assist a child in learning and expressing emotions. My child is now exposed to as much music and musical instruments as possible because we have made music a part of our lives.The first song she sang and the instruments she learned to play made me realize how often we ignore the small things in life, such as music. If you know someone who has trouble expressing themselves, try exposing them to music and, if they like it, have them join a music club or learn to play an instrument.