By: Sovannry Phang

Everyone has someone they respect deeply. Maybe someone older, someone in the family, or an idol. As for me, there is one person I not only respect but also cherish. My mother.
I have many reasons to respect her. The obvious reason is that she is the woman who gave birth to me and gave me life. She provides me with food, clothes, a home to live in., What is even more amazing is that she did it all by herself by working so hard. I am very lucky to receive all of these things.
I know that she cares deeply for us, her children and she wants what is best for me and my sister. She tries very hard to overcome difficult obstacles in life so that the ones she loves do not have to endure those difficulties like she did.
This is one of the main reasons I try my very best in everything I do because I want her to be proud of the daughter she raises. She always pushes me to do what I love, and she is supportive of me no matter what. If I failed my exam or somehow disappointed her, I don’t doubt that she will tell me that it is okay to fail as long as I do not give up.
She is the strongest woman I know. She has set amazing example for her kids and I am proud that I am her daughter. I will continue to work hard for this special person I deeply respect and love.