Aii Language Center assembles its students to the 38th Aii Field Trip at Nataya Resort, Kompot Province on April 21, 2018.

The use of educational field trip has long been a major part of education for our students. By joining this field trip, students can master their first-hand experience related to the history of Kompot Province. Students can gain unique opportunities for learning and understanding that are not available within the four walls of the classroom. Often a field trip is the first experience a person has with a particular location. Aii Field Trip aims to let students admire and appreciate the beauty that our country has to offer, to lay a long-lasting foundation in the student-to-student, teacher-to-teacher, and student-to-teacher relationships, to open the door to a great chance to capture and frame a memory together, and to provide a break for our students to relax and clear their mind. Every other term, our team at the Aii Language Center would take a deep-dive into research to find and take charge in leading our students to those resorts, historical sights, national museums, ancient temples, agricultural and industrial sights with the intention of lending a hand in assisting our students to note down their findings based on their own observations.