On January 04, 2016, the management of the American Intercon Institute System conducted the 4th Transitional Workshop for level 12 students. It was held at all three campuses, Mao Tse Tong, Toul Kork, and Chak Angre Campuses. The workshop was attended by students, who have successfully completed their level 12 in the Adult Programof the American Intercon Institute (Aii).

The primary purpose of the workshop was to introduce all the level 12 students the paramount importance of continuing their study in Advanced English Program (AEP). It should be noted that the transitional workshop has been developed to support level 12 students in celebrating their achievements, consider fresh opportunities that transition brings them, and explore ways of overcoming any possible challenges they might meet. At the end, the workshop culminated in excellent outcomes, which all the attendees were given a lot of good ideas that might come in handy.