WordSpeed is a speed writing competition in which students come to the whiteboard to write as many words as they can according to the topic selected by the judge. WordSpeed helps students improve writing speed, build confidence, enlarge vocabulary bank, enhance self-esteem and become creative and critical thinkers. WordSpeed encourages a new approach to writing: write it down, don’t worry about perfection, and trust their first creative instinct.

On July 29, 2017, American Intercon Institute System has organized the 5th Mengly J. Quach WordSpeed Contest in the Sov Hong Kuy Auditorium, Lim Kim Noy Tower at Mao Tse Tong Campus. The contest went on with great excitement filling the room as our outstanding contestants competed for the championship. After long hours of intense competition, we finally found the champions, 1st Runners-up and 2nd Runners-up of both programs. Out of 394 of all contestants, 228 contestants from Kid Program, Miss Jessica Tim was announced the champion of the 5th Mengly J. Quach WordSpeed Contest, and 166 contestants from Adult Program, Miss Sendy Sim was announced the champion.