Before Khmer New Year, Mengly Quach Education (MJQE) celebrated its 13th Annual Staff Party on April 12, 2018. Prior to the event, everyone was delighted and curious to take eye-catching picture with his and her beautiful clothes. The feeling of appreciation helps all staff improve their attitudes at the workplace.

The celebrations provided an enjoyable break from the regular routine for an additional morale booster. When morale is high at our workplace, your employees can function their work efficiently and stick with the company. This celebration also aims to promote motivation among employees at the office. Seeing others receives recognition or being recognized personally encourages an employee to continue working harder and harder. On its essence, it accelerates the chances of being recognized at a future workplace celebration.

The break from the monotony of the workday helps recharge your employees, so they are more focused and better able to tackle projects when they return to work.