As an education institution, it is essential that we help spread and practice the value of helping out those who are struggling with every day work and personal challenges by offering advices and suggestions. Hence, Pisey Long, Campus Director of Aii Language Center, Mao Tse Tong Campus, took the opportunity to hold a workshop for the management and staff, especially those who work directly with student such as the Student Affairs Officers, on how to provide effective counseling to both our students and staff under supervision.

In the session, Mr. Long highlighted that the key to a good and effective counseling is to listen. Taking the role of a counselor, one must give all his attention to the client and listen to all the problems that they have to share, and every comments must be carefully weighed so as to not putting more even more pressure on the individual being counseled. Those who are giving counseling must always remember that the session being held is to help the individual staff and student perform better, and not to blame them for what has already been done.