On November 25, 2017, Aii Language Centers held the new term orientation for its coming term, Term 55.

First impressions are important since they establish the basis for everything that follows. Without orientation, new employees sometimes feels uncomfortable in his/her new position and takes longer to reach his/her full potential. It provides the new employee with concise and accurate information to make him/her more comfortable working with the team, encourages employee confidence, and helps them to adapt faster to the job so to contributes more effectively.

The management also took the opportunity to appreciate and honor the dedication and commitment of its faculty and staff, who have been working very hard and always supporting the institution, by presenting them the certificate of merit and the Mengly J. Quach Excellence in Teaching Award.


The followings are the recipients of the certificates and the awards.

  • Recipients of the certificate of merit for perfecting attendance
    1. Priscila E. Cancino
    2. Helen Korolchuk
    3. Youey Lim
    4. Khema Kim
    5. Sottharath Heng
    6. SamOl Chhim
    7. Meymey Tang
    8. Kimheng Suy
    9. Menghong San
    10. Mohamed Jalloh
    11. Venus V. Hoy
    12. Marc DeRoy
  • Recipients of the certificate of merit for outstanding secretary
    1. Sengngim Morn
    2. Punlork Peou
  • Recipients of the certificate of appreciation for contest judges
    1. Joel Mesa
    2. Marc De Roy
    3. Andrea Perry
    4. Elena Sorn
    5. Som Ol Chhim
    6. Pheakdey Sen
    7. Bunleap Heap
    8. Marc Lussier
    9. Shawn Ferguson
    10. Vathana Soy
  • Recipients of the certificate of appreciation for Aii Teaching Conference Presenters
    1. Eugene Sidwell
    2. Jayrald A. Salvacion
    3. Sophoan In
    4. Malen Chao
    5. Joana Pearl
    6. Alyssa Angelique
    7. Mary Ann Olarte
    8. Marjury Balbos Malingan
    9. Sherrylane A. Yales
    10. Mercy Effiong
    11. Sreynich Chan
    12. Sam Ol Chhim
    13. Sochna Noeu
    14. Engkhim Long
    15. Jerico Colon
    16. Maricel Lotivio
    17. Phors Phal
    18. Teodoro Publico
    19. Glovena Domingo
    20. Rene Graza De Guzman
    21. Nalen Khlim
    22. Joel Mesa
    23. Senghak Meng
  • Recipients of the Mengly J. Quach Annual Excellence in Teaching Award
    1. Thomas Adisa
    2. Vicky Magno Degyawi
    3. Xyleen Abellera Abiaro
    4. Sreylen Ly
    5. Sreyleak Chan
    6. Panhanoch Mara
    7. Helen Korolchuk
    8. Cherry M. Agui
    9. Gigi Santos
    10. Phiron Sopheap
    11. Oxana Suos
    12. Brenda Humiwat
    13. Andrea Louise Perry
    14. Sreyna Eang
    15. Seyma Soun
    16. Phalkun Yong
    17. Lestey Ann Espales
    18. Hazel Publico
    19. Andrew Baba
    20. Virak Chea
    21. Linda Sok