Aii, Chak Angre Campus prepared first camping day for around 120 pre-kid students on January 19, 2018 to build up their team spirit, experience outdoor activities with nature and create fun time for reading inspiration. We would like to educate small kids about their self-study and how to use their free time to develop their reading habit.

Camping is a ton of work with little kids, but we keep doing it because we think it’s important. It would be far easier just to stay home or indoor, where everything is convenient and comfortable, but then kids would miss out on the many great lessons to be learned from camping. Here are a few of the reasons why we do it.

The more time spent outdoors, the more comfortable kids become with nature. We don’t want our kids to fear the forest, but rather develop a healthy respect and love for it. There are also many spectacular sights that can only be seen by venturing off the beaten track, and camping allows us to do that as a group or individual.

Camping efficiently and comfortably does take skill, and the more kids do it, the easier it gets. By teaching our kids how to camp, how to make a campfire or how to set up and take off the tent, we’ll equip them with a skill that could come in handy later in life. It also teaches frugality and how to make do with less.

There is something more about camping that fosters a rare sense of memorable activities for kids. We create reading campaign, fun games and chants competition for them to have more fun and experience the new things during camping. It shows kids that they can do many activities when they go camping, not just eating, drinking or sleeping.