On Saturday, January 14, 2017, Aii Language Centers held its 2nd Pre-kid Recognition Day for all Pre-kid 4 students. It was celebrated in the Sov Hong Kuy Auditorium, Lim Kim Noy Tower, Mao Tse Tong Campus. With plenty of audience participation including, parents, guardians, students, teachers and staff, the momentous event was in a very friendly atmosphere.

To officiate the commencement, Mr. Lundi Keo, Chief Academic Officer and Communication Director, delivered an inspiring opening speech to all the participants. He availed himself of the opportunity to express his sincere appreciation to all the Pre-kid students who successfully completed their Pre-kid levels. More importantly, he reiterated that without tremendous supports from their parents and teachers, they never would have made it. “Your parents planted a seed and got to watch it grow. Now their seed is blossoming.”, said Mr. Lundi. He also took the opportune moment to express his deepest gratitude to parents and teachers for unselfishly sharing their sheer knowledge and heartfelt contribution to the success of their children.

On the sidelines of the meaningful event, all the Pre-kid 4 students were awarded the certificate of recognition by Mr. Lundi in order to make their day memorable.