On October 28, 2017, under the supervision of the AiiLC Field Trip organizing committee and teachers, 122 students from Aii Language Center journeyed on a school field trip to Bronze Lake Resort in Kampongthom province.

Like its other 36 predecessors, the 37th AiiLC Field Trip aims to bring students out of their nests, to let them admire and appreciate the beauty that our country has to offer, to lay a steadier and long-lasting foundation in the student-to-student, teacher-to-teacher, and student-to-teacher relationships, to open the door to a great opportunity to capture and frame a memory together, and to provide a break for our students to relax and clear their mind which will consequently lead to a better overall academic performance. Every other term, our team at the Aii Language Center would take a deep-dive into research to find and take charge in leading our students to those resorts, historical sights, national museums, ancient temples, agricultural and industrial sights with the intention of lending a hand in assisting our students to first-hand experience and note down their findings based on their own observations.