On January 05, 2016, Mr. Sothear Khath, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator of the American Intercon Institute System, conducted a meeting on the 4th Mengly J. Quach Poster Contest at all three campuses. It was attended by national and expatriate ESL teachers. Mr. Khath said the primary purpose of the meeting was to brief all the participating teachers on the procedures and guidelines of the upcoming poster contest. He also took the opportunity to highly encourage them to further disseminate the information of the contest to their students. It should be noted that The Mengly J. Quach Poster Contest is an artistic and original design of the students’ views with their own themes, slogans, pictures, and artworks of the general educational topic which the Poster Contest Judge Committee has selected. The final round of the 4th Mengly J. Quach Poster Contest will be held on February 04, 2017.