By Kimhong Phan

One of the most effective skills we should have in life is powerful time management. The effectiveness of our time management is still limited here in Cambodia. We like to spend our spare time on social media scrolling up and down with unreliable news resources, going online shopping, or watching unrelated videos. According to, about 71.3 percent of the Cambodian population were active social media users at the beginning of this year 2021. Also according to, Cambodian employees were asked to rate their performance level as affected by their level of education, 40% of the respondents rated their performance very average, 34% rated their performance high, 14% rated their performance very high, and 6% rated their performance low with the same number of 6% rating their performance very low. This clearly depicts the productivity of employees is highly affected by education as well.

Managing our time is an important skill that we all should learn whether in school or through life experience. It is not just good practice, but it is also good for productivity and organization that shows who we are as individuals. Follow a time management system that will help us get things done to achieve success with our goals day by day. By managing our time properly and efficiently, we can create an organized and productive life.

“The success of Cambodia’s job strategy will depend on the participation and cooperation of stakeholders across the economy, not only policy makers and government leaders, but also entrepreneurs, investors, development partners, and, of course, workers themselves,” said Wendy Cunningham, Lead Economist and a lead author of the report.